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Hollow balls which are made by coil welded steel plate or seamless stainless steel tubes. The hollow ball reduces the load of the spherical surface and the valve seat because of its lighter weight, which helps to extend the service life of the valve seat.

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Specifications: 1”-20” ( DN25mm~500mm)

Pressure Rating: Class 150 (PN6~20)

Materials: #20 steel, SS304, SS304L, SS316,  SS316L, etc.

Type: floating.

Surface Treatment: polishing.

Roundness: 0.01-0.02

Roughness: Ra0.2-Ra0.4

Concentricity: 0.05

Application Field: mainly for large and medium-sized floating fully welded ball valves.

Packing: blister plastic box, plywood box, pallet

Can be customized according to drawings.

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