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Wenzhou Xinzhan valve ball Co., Ltd. is a professional ball manufacturer committed to developing high-precision, high-tech and multi-performance balls. Over the past 12 years, Xinzhan has won unanimous recognition and praise from customers at home and abroad. Since its establishment, it has provided more than 100 million valve steel balls (stainless steel balls) products to the global medium and high-end fluid field.
With its strong production innovation ability and many years of 5S production management experience, Xinzhan sphere has introduced machining centers, soft seal automatic NC assembly lines, ultrasonic and packaging assembly lines to improve production and delivery efficiency and control the quality and stability of products.
The inspection room is equipped with: roughness detector, tension tester, roundness meter, three coordinates, spectrometer and microscope. Xinzhan company covers an area of 8000 ², It is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the design, production and sales of soft sealing and hard sealing spheres. Its main products include forged solid spheres, steel coil welded seamless spheres, seamless hollow spheres, T-shaped, L-shaped, V-shaped spheres and other products.
The company currently has 227 employees, including 170 production workers, 18 marketing personnel, 13 inspectors, and 26 management and technical personnel. The company plans to produce and sell 20million stainless steel spheres in 2022

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